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About i3cd

i3cd Inc. is a newly developed corporation dedicated to creating intentional, integrated and innovative real-estate communities. Both founders have a specialty in raising capital and are committed to bringing forth new state of the art multi-residential developments. By ensuring that key business components (partnerships, funding, design, construction, property management, and social supports) meet a long term servicing plan they aim to create favourable outcomes for local governments, investors, partners, and support services.

The intent is to deliver a repeatable, scalable, and proven model that meets the various housing needs of Canadians citizens across municipalities. Currently we are exploring development sites in both Whitby and London. A boutique style condo development with all the amenities to allow those with various housing needs to live, work and play.


Our Team

Jens Stickling, CEO

Jens Stickling is a well-known developer in London who is a recipient of the Mayors Honour List for 2016. Jens is a real estate developer and property manager with 30 plus years of experience. In 2011, in collaboration with all three levels of Government, his company built a 72-unit affordable seniors housing apartment building in London. He worked with Nicholson Sheffield Architects, Devonshire Financial Consultants and Southside Construction awarding him a proven track record of assembling local teams and winning the Green Brick Award for outstanding developments in the City of London.

He puts his heart and soul into community economic development. Through Westany Holdings Inc. he has assisted in the incubation of numerous local business ventures like Hacker Studios, Downtown London Yoga, The Organic Oscars, Evolutions, The Root Cellar, The Co-Creation Centre and numerous other ventures. Mr. Stickling is currently the chair of a non-profit Farm Land Trust and member of the London Waldorf School. He is the former Chair of the London Homeless Coalition and Member of the City of London’s Housing Advisory Committee. Dedication to housing, local food and sustainable systems along with economic transformation and wealth distribution are Mr. Stickling’s signature commitments.

Carol-Ann Smith, CEO

Carol-Ann Smith has years of experience in community development, building support networks and developing strategic and key partnerships. Carol-Ann is currently an Instructor at Western University & Fanshawe College. She is also a Social Enterprise Consultant with the McConnell Family Foundation. As the former Manager, Social Innovation Generation (SiG@MaRS) and Intake Lead, Innovations in Education for the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto she is a subject matter expert in Social Enterprise Business Models and Inclusion Services.

Carol-Ann is well versed in navigating multiple social service systems. Carol-Ann has spent over 30 years working in the Non-Profit Sector in many capacities including: Social Enterprise and Social Purpose Business Advisor, Child and Youth Counsellor, Community Development Worker, Child and Family advocate within Healthcare, Education and Social Services and Injury Prevention. She also operated her own Catering Company in Toronto for a number of years and is a strong advocate of local food security.


Contact i3cd

Jens Stickling, CEO
i3cd Inc.
PO Box 622, Station B
London, ON N6A 4Y4
Carol-Ann Smith, CEO